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At this point, it is good to specify what the digital counter is and what its function is. The digital counter is a small device installed on the polycarbonate sphere that allows you to calculate the number of revolutions that have been reached using the Powerball.


If you have to perform a specific job (for example a functional recovery) while maintaining a certain resistance, the digital counter is practically essential!


If, on the other hand, the Powerball is used for the purpose of increasing resistance and strength, a version without a digital counter can easily be used. You will still have excellent results.




The effectiveness of the Powerball is due to its particularities on a technical level. Its characteristics allow you to use the physical principles of movement to obtain a truly effective action on the muscles.


  • Material

The outer sphere, as already mentioned, is made of polycarbonate, a very resistant plastic. The internal gyroscope is usually made of ABS, a thermoplastic polymer but also of steel.


  • Weight

This innovative gymnastic instrument the size of a tennis ball has a weight that does not reach 1 kg.


  • Resistance

In relation to the rotations produced, resistance will be generated which translates into kg and which in some models can reach 27 kg.


  • Number of laps

The number of laps ranges from 15,000 to 18,000.


  • Resistance

Resistance based on the rotations produced by the sphere, resistance will be generated which is expressed in kg which can reach up to 27 kg in some models.


  • Vibrations

Vibrations are measured in Hertz and range from 250Hz to 280Hz.


  • Activation of the gyroscope

The movement of the gyroscope can be started mechanically, with a spring that gives the initial thrust, or through the use of a cord.

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