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Starcraft II is accessible for Windows and Mac, however, you shall require a Blizzard account first. If you have one already, that’s fantastic. If you don’t have an account, you can create one post downloading the installer, which you can do by going to the Starcraft II home page and choosing Play Free Now. allows you to sign up using your Facebook account or a more traditional email and password combination. You would be asked to verify your email address, while it is not required.




In StarCraft 2, there are three different races to choose from. As the battle progresses, each one has a unique set of units to generate, as well as a tech tree to progress through that allows you to create new units and structures.


The 3 races are:


  • Terran
  • Zerg
  • Protoss


The following are the 3 races in a Starcraft2 game:


  • Terran-In StarCraft 2, Terrans are the Humanoid race. They have a fairly average unit cost, hence their structures may be constructed almost anywhere. They have high overall defense and mobility, as well as the ability to repair both buildings as well as units.
  • Protoss- Protoss units are often more expensive, but they are incredibly powerful. Most structures and units get a shield that regenerates over time, and all structures need to be within a set range of a Pylon. Units can also be warped into combat.
  • Zerg- The Zerg race uses a single manufacturing building to mass-produce low-cost units in large quantities. Buildings must be constructed on a surface known as creep, which gives friendly troops a speed advantage while traveling upon it.




Minerals, Supply, and Vespene Gas are the three most crucial aspects of the StarCraft 2 economy to understand. Minerals are by far the most basic resource, but Vespene Gas is needed to construct sophisticated troops, and the Supply level determines how many units you may field at a certain given time.